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Are you concerned about how you (or someone you know) manage your medicines? 

Maybe you would like to take less tablets, or are unsure about your recent medication changes?


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The Home Medicines Review Process

There are 5 stages to the process of getting a free Home Medicines Review for yourself or someone you care about:

1. Obtain a HMR referral from your doctor

Ask your local doctor to make a referral for Home Medicines Review (HMR).

2. Interview with a pharmacist

A pharmacist from Expert Pharmacist Review will contact you to make an appointment to meet with you.

At the interview, the pharmacist will review and discuss  your medications with you. 

3. HMR Report by pharmacist

The Expert Pharmacist Review  pharmacist will write a report detailing recommendations to improve your medication management and send it to your doctor. 

4. Action Plan by your doctor

Your doctors will discuss any changes to your medications with you, and fill out a Medication Management Plan

5. Follow up reviews with pharmacist (if necessary)

If necessary, further pharmacist follow-up sessions are available to sort out any unresolved medication-related issues

Medications tablets and capsules

Home Medicines Review Eligibility Checklist

You are eligible for a free Home Medicines Review if you tick all of the boxes below:

Ticked all the boxes? Time to make an appointment with your doctor for a Home Medicines Review referral!

Medications tablets and capsules

Take this quiz to see if you would benefit from a Home Medicines Review

If you tick ANY of the boxes below, then you may benefit from a Home Medicines Review.

You can also print out this list and take to your doctor.


Gain Confidence

The pharmacist can explain the purpose of your medications, ensure that you are taking them correctly, and address any concerns you may have.



The pharmacist can provide information about your medications or medical conditions to you and your carer.


Update Medicines List

The pharmacist can provide an up-to-date lists of your medicines so you can carry it with you in case of emergency.


Improving your health

The pharmacist can check if you could be benefited from additional medications to improve your medical conditions. 


Simplify Therapy

The pharmacist can check if there are any medications that may be uncessary or may have caused unwanted effects.


Medication Safety

The pharmacist can ensure that your medication dosages are correct, and there are no interactions between them.


Helping you to be in control of your health is our mission