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Are you looking for an accredited pharmacist to perform Home Medicines Review (HMR) for your clients?

Expert Pharmacist Review specialises in timely and clinically relevant HMRs that can help your clients to improve their medication management.

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The Home Medicines Review Process

There are 5 stages to the process of getting an accredited pharmamcist to perform Home Medicines Reviews for your clients:

1. Identify suitable clients
Identify clients who would benefit from a HMR.

Obtain the client’s consent for HMR.

2. Initiate a HMR referral
Initiate a HMR referral which include the reason for HMR, and relevant clinical information. Referrals are simple and can be generated from most prescribing soft wares.

Fax your HMR referral to Expert Pharmacist Review.

3. Review HMR Report by pharmacist
Review the HMR report, discuss the relevant findings and suggested management strategies with the pharmacist.  
4. Develop a Medication Management Plan
Discuss the HMR findings with the clients, and agree on the Medication Management Plan.
5. Claim MBS item 900 (for GP)
Claim MBS item 900 (for GP) 
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Home Medicines Review Clients Suitability Checklist

Home Medicines Reviews are suitable for  clients who are:


Medication Safety

The HMR pharmacist can review the clients’ medications, identify any medications related issues (such as adverse drug reactions, drug interactions), and make recommendations to improve medication safety.


Client Education

The HMR pharmacist can educate and provide relevant information to the clients and their carers. The pharmacist can also show clients how to use and look after any medical devices (such as inhalers, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors).


Update Medicines List

The HMR pharmacist can provide an up-to-date lists of the client’s medications, including over-the-counter medications and supplements.


Optimising Therapies

The HMR pharmacist can make recommendations to ensure that the clients are receiving the most beneficial therapies.


Simplify Regimen

The HMR pharmacist can check if there are any medications that may be unccessary, and make suggestions to make medication therapy simpler for the clients.


Improve Compliance

The HMR pharmacist can check the clients’ compliance with medications, identify any barriers, and suggest suitable strategies to improve adherence.


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