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Some common questions about Home Medicines Review (HMR) are listed below. If you have specific questions, contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

General Questions

What is a Home Medicines Review?
A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a review of your medicines by an accredited pharmacist in your home. The pharmacist will go through all the medicines and supplements that you take, check your understanding, and answer any questions you may have.

A report will be sent to your doctor which include the comprehensive list of medicines, any medication-related issues found, and suggestions to improve medicines usage.

Your doctor will review the HMR report, discuss any issues with you, then give you a “Medication Management Plan” that you can share with other healthcare providers.

What benefits can I expect from the Home Medicines Review?
Your Home Medicines Review is performed by an accredited pharmacist who have undergone a process of credentialing. This ensures that the pharmacist has the knowledge and skills in medication management and clinical problem solving.
Benefits include:
– Better understanding of your medicines and health conditions
– Updated medicines list which include your prescribed medicines from different doctors as well as other over-the-counter medicines and supplements
– Suggestion for medicine aids and devices to improve your compliance
– Ensure that any medication related issues are identified and reported to your doctor
What is the cost for a Home Medicines Review?
Home Medicines Reviews are funded by the Australian government and are free for eligible consumers.
Who is eligible for free Home Medicines Review?
Consumers are entitled to free Home Medicines Review if:
They hold a current Medicare card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) card
They live in a community setting
They are at risk of, or experiencing, medication misadventure
The Referring Medical Practitioner confirms that there is an identifiable clinical need for a HMR Service.
Do I need a referral?
A Home Medicines Review referral is necessary before the pharmacist can visit you. This can be written by your General Practitioner (GP) or by some specialist doctors.
Can I ask for a Home Medicines Review for someone I care for?
Many people requiring care take a lot of medicines which can be difficult or confusing to manage.
A Home Medicines Review can help to ensure that the person you care for get the most out of their medicines.
A referral for the person you care for is required before the HMR can be conducted.
Is there any follow-up?
Your doctor will discuss the Home Medicines Review report and the Medication Management Plan with you or your carer in subsequent consultation.
Follow-up services may be available to resolve medication related issues identified during the initial process.
How often can a Home Medicines Review be performed?
Home Medicines Review (HMR) service can only be provided once every 2 years, however in some cases additional reviews may be requested such as when there has been significant changes to the client’s medicines or conditions.

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